Friday, August 16, 2013

Charlie Chan At The Olympics - Classic Movie

Our classic movie feature for Friday is Charlie Chan at the Olympics.  Featuring Warner Oland as Charlie Chan.  Warner Oland was in more Charlie Chan movies than any other actor that we have been able to determine and our favorite in the part.

Ace Chinese detective Charlie Chan and his son Lee who is an Olympic swimmer at the 1936 Summer Olympics face murder, intrigue and mystery!

When an experimental plane is hijacked and its pilot murdered, the new guidance system that will allow it to fly unmanned is stolen. Charlie traces the strategically important invention to the current summer Olympic games in Berlin, where myriad spies, enemy agents, and hard-core criminals are ruthlessly pursuing it in order to sell it to another government. Charlie's son Lee, a member of the U.S. Olympic Swim Team, is on hand to help his father recover the device and solve the mystery!

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Warner Oland, a Swedish American Actor portray...
Warner Oland, a Swedish American Actor portraying Charlie Chan, a Chinese Hawaiian detective. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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