Friday, August 16, 2013

Pocahontas - Super History

We are starting off the story of Pocahontas with the above video from Nova.  It explores in more detail the real story behind the legend.  We also have 2 e-books that are new editions in our collection of digital publishing.  One is more along the lines of a childrens story and the other covers more detail and geared more towards adults.  It's an overall well rounded view of the Princess.

To read this in an easier manner, please click on the icon at the bottom right hand side of the container to open the document to full screen view.  You are free to download a free copy from our SlideShare site by signing into SlideShare with your Facebook account or LinkedIn account or by signing up for a free account.

You can also pick up a free copy of this e-book as well.  We had another video scheduled to go along with all of these books, however, the video was taken down off of YouTube for copyright violations.  Animated Classic Hero's has an interesting albeit historically questionable version of Pocahontas we were going to show.  The owners of those videos had YouTube pull down all copies of their videos due to said copyright violations.  Here is more information on the video we are not able to show.  We guess money is more important than education?  DVD sales must come first.  We saw the film, it isn't worth buying anyway.

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