Thursday, August 15, 2013

Superior Recipe for Ice Cream - Recipe of the day

Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manito...
Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manitoulin for a $1 donation. It was sort of icey. For Macro Mondays Drips Drops Splashes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One gallon of cream, two pounds rolled loaf-sugar, one tea-spoonful of oil of lemon. If for vanilla cream; use a table-spoonful of tincture of vanilla, two eggs beaten; mix well and freeze in the usual way. The seasoning should be well mixed with the sugar, before it is added to the cream; by this means, it will be all flavored alike. This has been much admired.

Coloring for ice cream, may be made in this way: take of powdered cochineal, cream of tartar and powdered alum, each two drachms; of salts of tartar, ten grains; pour upon the powders half a pint of boiling water; let it stand for two hours to settle, or filter through paper. Use as much of this infusion as will give the desired shade. This produces a brilliant pink color.

Make something extraordinary.

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