Monday, August 12, 2013

Gloucester, VA Where Your Tax Dollars Are Going

Gloucester, Virginia.

Ever wonder how your tax dollars are spent in the county?  Ever wondered what the pay scale is for various jobs in the county?  Well now you no longer have to guess.  We have found all that information and we are bringing it here for you to see how your tax dollars are spent.

This is the latest pay scale grades for Gloucester County Government jobs.

Gloucester County, Virginia Government Pay" target="_blank">Gloucester County, Virginia Government Pay from Chuck Thompson

You can click on the icon at the bottom right of the container to open the document to a full page view for better reading.

Now for the top grade jobs;

This is the employment agreement between the county and Brenda Garton, County Administrator and also twitching Ted, (I'm not an attorney), Wilmot, court jester, county attorney.  It shows additional compensation that the regular employees do not receive such as Brenda's $8,000.00 per year vehicle allowance.  (Buy a new Cadillac on taxpayer money).

The agreement was put up on the county website because of complaints about both Ted and Brenda's pay increases.  The Board of Supervisors were just trying to explain to everyone that Twitch and Brenda only received a 5% cost of living adjustment.  We know a number of federal employees who are mad as hell about this.  Federal employee's have not had a cost of living adjustment in 3 years and congress has already told them that they will not be getting one next year either.

So once again, we see the reckless disregard for the real economy the Board of Supervisors has for your tax dollars.  Please understand, we are not saying that most of the employees do not deserve the raises.  From what we see, many employees are not even being paid a living wage.  However, from the looks of things, county employees are now paid better than people in the private sector.

  It's the private sector where the money comes from.  Federal employees are seeing how they have to shell out more of their hard earned tax dollars to cover the raises of local government employees when they themselves are not receiving the same considerations.  It's simply not right.  It just continues to show that the local officials are out of touch with reality at every level.
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