Friday, August 16, 2013

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors Guilty of Suppression?

Suppression:  It takes many forms and has many acts.  The reason for the question?  It was discussed in one of our own meetings why some county Board of Supervisor meetings have open discussion of topics allowing the public to speak on said topics and what has been observed is the time limitations that the Board of Supervisors put on people for how long each person has to speak.

Some topics have open discussion from the public for 5 minutes per person while others we have seen have 10 minutes of time allocated to the public.  The questions we started to ask is what gives the Board of Supervisors the power to make and or change these times for public speaking?  So far we have seen no law that supports time limitations for how long any member of the public is allowed to address any topic before the Board of Supervisors.  All we have been able to ascertain is that the time limitations are only requests made by the Board of Supervisors to give enough people the chance to speak and nothing more.

Stopwatches should never be used against the public as we have seen Louise Theberge use time and time again.  What we have been able to determine is that Louise uses the stop watch and request as though it is a mandated law and that she is the dictator in charge of suppression over anyone who would dare speak out against any plans that either she or anyone else on the board wishes to push through.  What Louise and other Board members seem to fail to remember is that the time limitations can only be requested of the public.  Neither the Federal nor the State government imposes these time limitations on anyone, why should anyone allow county officials to get away with this?  It's an act of suppression and a tool of tyrants violating the public trust.

Here is one Gloucester citizen that went to speak before the Board of Supervisors and had the same 5 minutes to speak as everyone else.  He was not even accorded 4 minutes before he was so rudely interrupted by Louise Theberge causing him to lose his concentration.  That was very clear suppression.  Louise  Theberge did this again in August to Theresa Altemus during the School Bond hearing.  We have the video posted at the bottom of this site and you can see where Theresa Altemus is cut off by Louise Theberge from continuing on with her arguments in opposition to the Board's plans to pass the new school bonds.  Theresa Altemus was once a member of the Board of Supervisors and privy to a lot of information that most others would be very pressed to get.  That meant that Theresa was a threat to the present Board of Supervisors and probably why she was suppressed in her arguments against the school bonds.

We are asking the Board of Supervisors and Twitching Ted, (I'm not an attorney) Wilmot, county attorney, to show where in Virginia Code they have a right to limit, hence, suppress the people from speaking for longer periods other than the county's request for self limitations in order to give others a chance to speak.

  In other words, we want to see these abuses stopped once and for all.  County government is not a dictatorship by the few for the few.  County government is granted by the governed and is for the governed and at the consent of the governed.  Would be dictators need not apply.
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