Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Lucy Show, Lucy and Viv Learn Karate 1963

The Lucy Show, Lucy and Viv Learn Karate, 1963.  Classic TV here on GVLN.
While all the networks keep putting out more and more garbage, we are bringing back the good old fashioned entertainment.  Shows and movies that made sense and not filled with tons of propaganda messages.  Sure, propaganda has always been a part of Hollywood, but it's more prevalent today than it used to be.  

  The old stuff made more sense and was more geared towards the American way of life and not trying to destroy it.  Beside, looking at the fashions of the period and how life used to be is incredibly interesting.  No cell phones, no computers, no security cameras, not a lot of issues. 
Publicity photo of Lucille Ball and Clint Walk...
Publicity photo of Lucille Ball and Clint Walker from the television program The Lucy Show. The episode is "Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty". Walker takes Lucy to a skyscraper under construction and Lucy discovers she's afraid of heights while on the girder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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