Wednesday, August 14, 2013

American Revolution - Liberty's Kids - Going Home

Liberty's Kids, episode number 39, Going Home.  Even though the war was pretty much over, other troubles were just beginning.  The independence we just own had it's own new issues that were being realized.  The foundations for this new nation had to be built in order to make sure this new nation could survive.

As we end this section working with Liberty's Kids, which has been such a pleasure, we have been stating that we have every intention of continuing our Liberty Education Series and we already have a number of other videos we will be working with along with continuing to bring books and articles about our nations history.  Plus we are moving ever closer to an extraordinary event coming to Gloucester, Virginia in October known as the Battle of the Hook.

  The Battle of the Hook is an American Revolutionary battle that took place before the battle in Yorktown happened, effectively cutting off Lord Cornwallis's planned retreat route through Gloucester, Virginia.  Cornwallis really was surrounded.  If you look at the Articles of Capitulation of Lord Cornwallis that we published here a few days ago, you will see that not only did Lord Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown, but at Gloucester, Virginia as well.

  This is rarely covered in the history books as it is not as exciting as the rest of the story of the final defeat.  Even the Liberty's Kids videos missed this.  October 19th and 20th, 2013, one of the nations largest Revolutionary War re enactments will take place on the grounds of George Washington's grandfather's estate, Warner Hall, in Gloucester and will include sea battles.

  That is truly exciting.  One of the area's seldom covered about the American Revolution are the prisoner's of this battle.  So today we are bringing you a special e-book that covers just that.

This is a custom edition we put together.  Nathan Hale is on the cover of this edition being questioned by the enemy in Montreal.  This e-book is also great for those researching family genealogy.  We are also including one of our Fife and Drum videos here as part of the American celebration of History.

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