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Ex CIA Agent Explains How To Delete The Elite

Seal of the C.I.A. - Central Intelligence Agen...
Seal of the C.I.A. - Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a stunning video that needs a lot more views than it has.  This video came out in 2010.  It has under one million views.  It should have over one billion views.  This guy tells it like it is and everyone needs to hear it and as many people as possible need to get involved.  Get your lazy butt off of Facebook and start looking into ways to fix the system before there is nothing left.

  If you are 100% happy with the way life is now, then do not do anything.  If you are not happy about it, then it's time to step up.

Though we are NOT normally fans of Alex Jones, here is one video he got right back in the day when he was actually speaking out against the corruption.  These days it's more like he has sold out to it and become a part of it.  Bet he didn't have much of a choice.  Once in awhile he gets some stories straight, but for the most part, he is now just a propagandist spreading more fear.  That makes it difficult to tell when he is right on the money.  Tell a bunch of lies and every now and then some truth and most people will not buy the real stories.

But the guy in the top video is right.  Most people will not budge to make a difference and just go along to get along.  Don't bother me, it's football season.  Football and other sports are designed to make you complacent.  It does a great job of that too.

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Homeless Or Emergency Shelter, Possible Solutions

When it comes to the homeless, there are no easy solutions.  Various local entities to include non profit foundations and churches have already started working together this year to create homeless shelters for those whom are homeless for this winter.  Though it is a step in the right direction, it still falls way short of creating solutions to fix the problems.  Not all homeless people are drug addicts or have mental problems.  In this economy, many people have found themselves homeless due to economic conditions beyond their control.

Entire families who have lost their jobs and then their homes with no place to turn, are in very serious trouble.  Now you can say what these folks need to do is go out and get jobs.  Let's look at that shall we?  When you are homeless, you do not have access to running water, bathrooms other than public restrooms, which are not all that accessible are taken for granted by everyone except the homeless.  So bathing becomes a major issue.  Washing cloths becomes a major issue.

  Basic everyday functions that most people take for granted are major issues for the homeless.  You assume they have access to travel.  Most travel by foot, even if they have a vehicle, you assume they have money for gas.  Electricity does not exist for most homeless people.  So heating or air conditioning only comes with the weather changes that are usually not welcomed.

  So after only about a week of having no where to go and or no where to turn, homeless people start to get very ripe in their body odor.  Going to a job interview in this condition pretty much insures you have no chance of getting the offer.  Where to keep and or store what possessions you have left is also a major challenge.  You risk having someone else finding your stash and stealing it or throwing it out on you.  Cooking, safe places to sleep, trying to keep warm or cool are issues that most people never realize and take for granted.

  Once you have gone down this low, it's nearly impossible to get your life back.  Most never do.  What do you do each and every day?  Where do you go?  I know, I have lived it first hand along with my family.  We have managed to recover most of our life back with the help of some very dear friends who did not judge us.  We were lucky however, I managed to work the entire time and managed to create a fairly decent shelter with electricity, heat and air.  We had some other dear friends help us with places to shower and wash cloths.  We were able to stay under most of the radar.  We had a vehicle that allowed us to go places and never remain in one place and look suspicious.

  We still have not fully recovered and with this economy, do not know if we ever will.  Hope is what keeps us going.  We know what it feels like to have nowhere to go and nothing to do as I did not work everyday and the company I worked for kept cutting our hours and pay.  So I get outraged with the politicians who have no clue and continue to ravage this country for personal gain selling out to the monopolistic corporations and calling it capitalism, something it isn't.

  I get outraged with entities like the Salvation Army who do the most harm and kick people out of their offices who actually need and are seeking help.  My heart goes out to those who are needlessly suffering due to unfair conditions of this economy.  Entire families with no place to stay or that have to keep moving from one location to another trying to survive any way they can.  I have seen a number of people who lost their homes becoming homeless themselves.  I was in a small community of homeless where we all kept to ourselves and kept each others secrets as we were legally trespassing.

  There is a large number of homeless people in Gloucester who remain hidden for many reasons.  No one really trust the police when you are homeless.  You may become a very fast target.  Families have no desire to be broken up for any reason.  It's hard to live under such conditions with children as you only want what is best for them.  Giving them up to the state is not what is best for them even in those conditions.  It breaks your heart from both sides.

  I have been working with a non profit foundation for about 7 months now out of Philadelphia trying to come up with ways to help the homeless.  We have not gotten very far.  Day shelters has been one of my own goals for the past 9 months.  Some place where homeless people can go at least several times a week and wash cloths as well as get showers and other personal care needs is one of the main areas of what I know has to be addressed.  Also, some place where the homeless can safely store some of their personal belongings.  Lockers.  They must be accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


I have no idea how much one of these would cost.  It's just something to consider.  The other question becomes, where do you put people with these?  What location?  What do you provide them with if you do?  Do you give them access to some form of public restrooms?  Some form of electricity?  Water supplies?  Do you allow outdoor cooking?   What about food storage?  Mailing  Addresses?

Now let's look at this potential option.  The Yurt.

A lot of the video does not apply to the topic.  But the concept of yurts does have some degree of appeal as a potential low cost housing option.  I would not recommend going as elaborate as the one in this video, but something fairly close can be achieved.

  How we got out of our situation?  I tested the words of the Bible and did NOT find them empty by any stretch of the imagination and still do not find those words and promises empty.  Instead I have found them to be very real.  That's right.  I tested the words of the Bible and found them to be TRUE!  The experience changed our family forever.  It's the reason why I fight for freedom and liberty.  I have lived first hand the results of socialism and monopolistic corporatism.  Individualism and true capitalism are the only ways that work.  We do NOT live in a capitalist society as the politicians and main stream media proclaim.  We do not have freedoms as the pundits claim.  These are what we need restored.

  I can write a book about our experiences, but who would buy it?  Who cares?  So yes, I and my family were homeless for nearly 2 years and it was humiliating, degrading and fraught with dangers most would never understand.  The system is broken and unless we do something about it, there will be a great number of stories all with bad endings.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Steve Baranek, Gloucester, VA Animal Control Admits To Illegal County Ordinance

You have to watch this video.  In here above, Steve Baranek, chief Animal Control officer for Gloucester County, admits to local ordinance, 3-16, is not mirrored from state code.  According to the Dillon Rule, that is illegal.  Here you see county officials blatantly violating the laws of the state.

  The above video is downright idiotic.  Feral cats are feral and have no owners unless someone is taking care of them, then whomever is taking care of them is the owner, like it or not.  Cats defecating is no different than birds defecating.  Sue the Governor.  It's his property.  There is no violation due to defecation.  3-16 is an illegal ordinance.

Again you have to watch this video.  It is beyond idiotic.  Ashley Chriscoe argues for more illegal laws continuing his march towards an extreme socialist  fascist ideology government concepts  that may be due to his association with the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.

  There are arguments to put cats on leashes.  How hysterical.

Let's look at some facts.  At certain times of the year, birds migrate to certain types of trees that produce a certain type of berry that the birds love.  Very large flocks of birds circle these trees for hours once these berries are ripe and they eat them.  The birds then circle for hours defecating all over everything within a short radius of where these trees are located.  The mess is unreal.  Can we get animal control to come and trap all of these birds for being a nuisance?  Charge the Governor because they are essentially his birds?

  Mr Bazanni, you can not create local ordinances where there are no state codes to support them.  If you could, then government would run rampant all over the place, which it already does and which "WE THE PEOPLE", have been fighting against for some time and will continue to fight.  WE DO NOT WANT MORE GOVERNMENT INTRUSIONS IN OUR LIVES!

     We will not tolerate a totalitarian government which is what you all seem to be leaning towards.

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Gloucester, VA Delinquent Tax Property Auction Sale List

Gloucester, VA Tax Auction, Nov 2014 from Chuck Thompson

Above is a list of properties going up for public auction for delinquent tax payments.  This only goes to show that no matter what you think, you do not own the land you think you own.  It can very quickly be taken from you for many reasons.  If any of these properties are occupied by someone who simply can not afford to pay the taxes, then it is a crime against God to take their home.  Read the bible here.  If you want to get a deal on real estate at the expense of someone else's hardship?  By participating in buying any of these properties, you are saying that you do not believe in ownership of land to yourself and everyone else as well.  You just gain control over it for a cost.

  If anyone out there has fairly deep pockets and can afford to help out a family that may need it then we recommend researching these properties and seeing if you can't pay those back taxes for a family or person in desperate need.  Where are the non profit foundations now?  Temporarily house the homeless during the winter but let's create homeless folks instead of helping prevent the crisis to begin with?  Put together a group of private individuals who can pool money to help out anyone of the people in the above list.  It may make you eligible for extra tax deductions.  You would have to check with a good accountant or lawyer who specializes in this area.

The US Constitution as well as the original state Constitution does not allow for personal property taxes.  No one can show where they are.  The 16th Amendment is not legal as it is written as a right of the Government against the people which is not what the Bill of Rights were designed for.  The Bill of Rights is the rights of the PEOPLE.  It's clear we have a criminal government even at the local level.

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2014 Anonymous "Important Message To The WORLD, Solution Found

We Can Do It poster for Westinghouse, closely ...
. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting video that is worth the time to watch.  Anonymous is an interesting group and one has to wonder if it's part of the propaganda machine or if they are truly fighting the propaganda machine.  We present this video for your consideration.  We do see value in the information in it but question some areas of it as well.  But again, what is perfect?

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Opinion: Real Threat From Ebola Is Main Stream Media Propaganda

Stuffed ebola
Stuffed ebola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone remember the Avian Flu Pandemic that was going to kill millions of people all across the globe that NEVER happened?  All the media hype to scare everyone?  Anyone seeing similar actions in the media now?  Are we once again being setup?  Is everyone scared to death that a Pandemic Is Coming from Ebola?  What will the next pandemic be?  If the Ebola scare does not work, there will be another scare next year or the year after that.

Is the main stream media just using scare tactics to get you to give up more of your personal freedoms?  The news is insane with Ebola and ISIS news which we just do not buy either one of them.  No evidence has been presented.  Only opinions are presented as news.  Now that is our opinion, and we are still waiting for the so called news sources to actually show real evidence of these scare tactics.

  Ebola is the new Black Plague?  Millions to Billions of people will be wiped out within weeks.  During the black plague, people protected themselves from the black plague by stringing garlic around their necks and soaking cloths in garlic water and breathing through those cloths.  It worked.  We are not sayig garlic will work against Ebola.  What we are saying is that the best protection against the threat of Ebola is to ignore the main stream media who are feeding you nothing more than FEAR!  SPREAD THE FEAR!

  Don't buy into their madness.


The above video has more danger to the public than anything else including Ebola.  Buy the toy Ebola at the top of this story and spread the fun instead.

First Lady Helps Virginians Stay Warm This Winter

~ 2014 Fuel Assistance Application Deadline Is Nov. 14 ~

RICHMOND, Va. – First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe is leading efforts this fall to make sure there is help available for low-income Virginians who have difficulty paying their heating bills.

The First Lady appears in a new Public Service Announcement encouraging individuals and families to apply for fuel assistance through the Energy Assistance Program, which is implemented by the Virginia Department of Social ServicesApplications are being accepted now through Friday, Nov. 14

“No Virginian should have to face the winter months without heat, so I’m encouraging them to submit an application, as soon as possible, to their local department of social services,” said Mrs. McAuliffe.

The program assists with various types of energy sources, including electricity, natural and liquid propane gas, oil, kerosene, coal and wood. Families and individuals must apply through their local department of social services office.

“Last year, Virginia experienced a pretty harsh winter, and we anticipate similar conditions this year. This program is designed to ensure eligible citizens have access to the heating assistance they need,” said Margaret Ross Schultze, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Social Services. 

To qualify for Fuel Assistance, the maximum gross monthly income for a one-person household cannot exceed $1,265.  For a household of four, the maximum gross monthly income is $2,584. Nearly 126,000 households received assistance last year. 

The VDSS Energy Assistance Program is funded by the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) block grant. LIHEAP provides funds to states to assist low-income households in meeting their home energy needs.

“This program is essential to many Virginia families who struggle to pay their winter heating bills,” said Gov. Terry McAuliffe. “We appreciate this federal program, which helps Virginia meet the needs of thousands of Virginians.”

For more information on the EAP, visit, to screen for services, or to apply online, visit

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Governor McAuliffe Announces 75 New Jobs in Botetourt County

Botetourt County, Virginia, from 1895 state map
Botetourt County, Virginia, from 1895 state map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~ Dynax America Corporation to invest $32.6 million to expand operation ~

TOKYO, JAPAN - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Dynax America Corporation, a subsidiary of Dynax Corporation of Hokkaido, Japan, will invest $32.625 million to expand its automotive components manufacturing operation in Botetourt County. The Governor made the announcement following a meeting yesterday with Dynax Corporation officials in Tokyo during his Asia Marketing Mission. Virginia successfully competed against Shanghai, China for the project, which will create 75 new jobs.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Dynax America Corporation has been a valuable corporate partner to Virginia since 1995, and employs nearly 600 at its plant in Botetourt County. Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with the parent company in Tokyo to officially close this important deal. The addition of 75 new advanced manufacturing jobs is another step forward in creating a New Virginia Economy with a diverse industry base and valuable workers possessing skills of the 21st century. The focus of my 10-day marketing mission to Asia is to build new relationships and strengthen existing partnerships, and this tremendous expansion announcement is a great result. Dynax America’s significant investment demonstrates the company’s strong commitment to the Commonwealth, and secures its future longevity in Botetourt for years to come.”

“Dynax America Corporation’s continued growth and investment in Botetourt County is a powerful testament to Virginia’s excellent business environment,” said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade. “The company is a strong component of the growing automotive cluster in the Roanoke region, and this expansion further solidifies its standing. Virginia’s strong business relationship with Dynax America and Dynax Corporation is a priority, and it was an honor to be a part of yesterday’s meeting and expansion announcement in Tokyo.”

Dynax America Corporation is a manufacturer of automatic transmission components, friction disks, mating plates and assemblies. Located in Botetourt County, Virginia, the company’s employees are dedicated to achieving its corporate goals – providing high-quality products at competitive pricing while seeking to continually improve quality and processes.

“Dynax America Corporation has been a vested part of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Botetourt County since 1995,” said Tatsuo Kuroda, President of Dynax America Corporation. “We have enjoyed great success with the many positive benefits provided to us, and it is our desire to continue that positive momentum. Our greatest asset has been, and continues to be, our employees, as well as the favorable business climate that exists in Virginia. It is our desire to continue the tradition of stability and cooperation and to be a preferred place of employment in the region for many years in the future. We would like to thank our partners who have made this expansion possible.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with Botetourt County and the Roanoke Regional Partnership to secure the project for Virginia. Governor McAuliffe approved a $225,000 grant from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund to assist Botetourt County with the project. The Governor also approved a $250,000 performance-based grant from the Virginia Investment Partnership program, an incentive available to existing Virginia companies. The company will receive benefits from the Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Grant Program. Funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program. The company will also be eligible for Sales and Use tax exemptions on manufacturing equipment.

“The Board members and I are proud and appreciative that Dynax America Corporation has again chosen Botetourt County for an expansion of its operations, said Dr. Donald Scothorn, Chairman of the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors. “Since first locating in Botetourt County in 1996, Dynax has continued to grow and expand, becoming the County’s largest private sector employer. This new investment will foster innovative economic growth and create additional job opportunities for the residents of Botetourt County. 

“Automotive parts are a top commodity for The Port of Virginia, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue to act as Dynax America’s partner and international trade gateway,” said John F. Reinhart, CEO and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority. “What is significant is the addition of 75 jobs in the Roanoke Valley that come as a result of this expansion. This is a vote of confidence in Virginia and the port as a business location.”

(Expanding Monopolies And Taking The Freedoms Away From Small Businesses)

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