Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gloucester Pumpkin Porridge - Old Fashioned Recipe

A shot of a pumpkin, focused on its stem.
A shot of a pumpkin, focused on its stem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Peel and slice up as much pumpkin as will produce about eight ounces for each person, and put this into a boiling pot, with two ounces of butter, and a quart of water; set the whole to boil very gently on the fire, until the pumpkin is reduced to a pulp, and then add half-a-pint of buttermilk, or skim milk, to every person who is to partake of the porridge. You then stir the porridge over the fire for about fifteen minutes longer, taking care that it does not boil over; season with salt and a little nutmeg, and eat it with toasted bread for breakfast, or any other meal.

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