Monday, August 5, 2013

More Issues With New Middle School Location - Gloucester, VA

The site for the planned new middle school, across the street from the one the county tore down, is on top of swamp land?  From what anyone can see, all the land all around this location is marsh or swampish.  The county has brought in incredible piles of dirt to cover over all the swampish areas and as it presently stands, it looks okay.  However, according to one engineer we spoke with, no new structure will be sound there if piles are not put in to support the new structures.

  Are county officials looking to waste taxpayer money on an incredibly bad plan?  We have already questioned the legality of how they are going about getting the new bond, we also had to question the present location based on sea level risings.  Now we see that the new two story middle school is to on top of wetlands?  The above pictures were sent to us from the same folks who sent us pictures of the Gloucester Government employees parading at Hardee's to show how they like to waste your hard earned tax dollars.

  If anyone wants to question the wetlands area at this location, by all means drive by there and walk around the area and judge it for yourself.  Or take the word of officials who can't even control their own employees.  If you can't find a Gloucester Government employee to talk to about this, try Hardee's restaurant.  We posted the phone number on the last post.  Or just drive right up the street and you will likely find them there.
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