Sunday, August 4, 2013

Luther - The Movie - Plus Free Bible

Luther, the story of Martin Luther.  If you have not seen this movie, we highly recommend it.  You do not have to agree with it's religious tenets, but it does bring up a number of fascinating historical information.  It's not our objective to argue over which version of Christianity is correct.  It is not our intention to force Christianity down anyone's throats.  It is our intention to believe in free speech as well as the freedom of religion.  If you want freedom from religion, you are in the wrong place for now.  Look beyond this post.  To make matters even more confusing, we are giving away another free Bible today.  This is a different version than we have posted in the past.  We have three versions we give away everyday on our e-books page, so if you want anther version, by all means help yourself.  No cost.  No sign ups, simply free for the taking.

This is the Douay-Rheims version of the Bible and is usually considered more of a Catholic version.  Again, we are not arguing one over another, simply sharing what we have so we expect no arguments over any of this and thank everyone so far that have supported these efforts and have not raised one complaint.

CLICK HERE  for a free download copy of the above Bible.  It's under 7 megs in size so the download will be pretty fast.  Just pick the free user option for the download.

English: Old Testament - Douay Bible - 1609 - ...
English: Old Testament - Douay Bible - 1609 - English College, University of Douai Français : Bible de Douai - 1609, Collège des Anglais, Université de Douai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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