Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Carl (Chuck) Shipley, Animal Control Retirement Questioned

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The first question we have is did the county throw Carl Shipley under the bus?  Documents on the county website state that they are publicly honoring him.  Yet we watched the entire meeting last night and do not remember seeing the county honoring this guy.  In fact, we question his retirement as an actual retirement or was this forced on him?  See post below for more information on this.

Gloucester, VA Supporting Document" target="_blank">Carl Shipley Retirement, Gloucester, VA Supporting Document from Chuck Thompson

We found the above document and another one which will be posted below here, showing how the county is honoring his retirement.  Yet, when we watched the meeting last night, we did not hear this announcement or see Carl actually being honored.  So we have posted the video above.  When we tried using the county's video section search, nothing came up at all.

The above was not read during the meeting.  There are a number of us who watched this meeting while it happened and not one of us saw the above ever stated.  So where did this come from?  We keep telling you, there is a lot of very strange stuff going on here in this county.  This might be minor on the one hand but when you look at the bigger picture, all of these little things keep adding up and we are seeing much bigger issues that need to be exposed.

  Again, we question if Carl was forced into retirement.  See post below about the Animal Control job opening.  Carl can now concentrate on his business.  Chuck's Carpet Cleaning.  He's going to go suck carpets full time now?  Link to his company website.  Rug sucking at it's finest?  Well now that just sucks for Carl Shipley.  He can always inquire with us for free advertising.  We'll be happy to show everyone his background that we have collected here.  If the video above does not work, then it's the fine coding from the county IT department.  We will be posting a copy of the video on YouTube to make sure that everyone can see it.

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