Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gloucester, VA Taxes Will Be Going Up

In a 4 to 2 vote with one absent, the Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors voted to increase taxes on all county residents despite arguments against.

The issue before the county board last night was the school bond issue.  17 million dollars was approved by the Board of Supervisors with 4 voting yes, one absent and two voting no.  A number of legal issues are seen in this and we will be covering all the material for the rest of this month.

  What is not questioned, money desperately needed for school repairs.  Though no evidence of this need was provided by those seeking money for the repairs, we have no reason to doubt the need.  What was in fact brought up, why was money spent on reconstruction of one school closed and now being converted into county office space when these people already have office space?  Money that should have been used for the much needed school repairs?  This was a very reasonable question that was brought up and ignored.

  As we predicted and told everyone here on this site, the bond issue was going to be passed no matter what.  Another area brought up during this meeting that you may have missed, the talk about closing yet another school in the county.  You read that right, talk has already started about closing another school in the county and yet a 12 million dollar bond was approved to assist in the funding of a new middle school.

  Again, the question was brought up asking the Board of Supervisors, how much money did they leave on the table by not rebuilding the old Page Middle school.  The Gloucester Board of Supervisors simply refuse to answer that question.  What are they hiding from the public?  The two board members who voted against this pure waste, Ashley Chriscoe, at large representative and Andrew James, Ware District representative.  Bravo to these two brave men for standing up for what was right.  Absent from the vote and the floor last night was Christopher Hutson, Gloucester Point representative.  

  Three board members voted yes who are leaving the board at the end of the year, so had little to lose.  Or do they?  We will be exploring more on the legal issues surrounding this matter.  We will also be putting the video here on this site.  There are a number of issues everyone needs to see.  And again we will be showing what the state says about how these matters must be legally handled and we do not see this matter being properly structured to meet the law.

  All of this on top of all the local waste these officials are allowing to continue with employees using government vehicles for personal use.  These folks have no shame.  There were a number of other issues we found during this meeting that we are going to explore that have all the marks of higher costs due to lower usage.  Stay tuned, we are going to cover what the papers will not touch and what you need to know.

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