Wednesday, August 7, 2013

VEAL WITH TUNNY - Recipe of the day

Sliced veal with fresh chanterelle in cream sauce
Sliced veal with fresh chanterelle in cream sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Take two pounds of meat without bones, remove the fat and tendons, then lard it with two anchovies. These must be washed and boned and cut lengthwise, after put into the water one quarter of an onion larded with clover, one leaf of laurel, celery, carrot and parsley. Salt the water generously and don't put the veal in until it is boiling. When the veal is cooked, untie, dry it and keep it for two or three days in the following sauce in quantity sufficient to cover it.
Grind ¼ pound tunny fish preserved in olive oil and two anchovies, crush them well with the blade of a knife and rub through a sieve adding good olive oil in abundance little by little, and squeeze in one whole lemon, so that the sauce should remain liquid. Finally mix in some capers soaked in vinegar.
Serve the veal cold, in thin slices, with the sauce.
The stock of the veal can be rubbed through a sieve and used for risotto.

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