Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gloucester, VA Middle School Bond Issues

Gloucester, VA New School Bonds Issue - August, 2013" target="_blank">Gloucester, VA New School Bonds Issue - August, 2013 from Chuck Thompson

Above comes from the county's own records on the approval of the Bond during last night's meeting, Tuesday, August 6th, 2013.  There are a lot of questions here including where is the full 12 million dollars received from the insurance company for the old Page Middle school.  We are going to be looking at this document very very closely over the next few weeks and also pulling other county documents to see what is really going on here as there just seems to be a serious wall of voodoo cooking up some major concerns.  

  This is for a combination of maintenance work that needs to be done on local schools as well as construction of the monument to stupidity known as the new Page Middle school.  To be built in the middle of wetlands without proper a proper foundation and closer to flood zones without checking concerns about the new issues of the sea level rising.  Questions were brought up why we are committing to a 20 year bond for items that will not last 20 years and will be outdated well before the bond's payments are finished.

  Also, concerns about where county money has gone that could have funded the maintenance instead of borrowing and committing everyone in the county to higher taxes.  And this is only one little area.  Stay tuned.

Click on the icon at the bottom of the container of the document to enlarge the document for better reading.  

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