Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Senior Animal Control Officer Opening - Jobs

Gloucester County has an opening for a Senior Animal Control Officer.  All the details are above.  It turns out that Carl Shipley, head of Animal Control is retiring after 22 years.  Or is he being forced out for making the Board of Supervisors look bad a few weeks ago when we showed that the Gloucester Animal control laws were not in compliance with what the Board of Supervisors had passed and approved back in February of 2013, in order to get into compliance with state laws.  We covered this extensively a few weeks ago showing all the documents and exactly where the county was out of compliance.

This document shows all the animal control ordinances as they appeared on Gloucester, VA's website a few weeks ago.  3-15 is out of state compliance as well as what the Board of Supervisor's had authorized for compliance in February of 2013.  Since then , that section of the site has been locked out from public view and you are now taken to municode to view the ordinances as they are within compliance of state code.

Virginia Animal Control ammendments 1 2013" target="_blank">Gloucester County Virginia Animal Control ammendments 1 2013 from Chuck Thompson

Here is the original information from the Board of Supervisors on what they passed back in February.  By the way, we were the ones who argued the original  ordinance violations to begin with.

So why is the job open?  Because Carl (Chuck) Shipley is retiring.

There is a question that we have if the county has forced this on him as he may have been the one who altered the information on the county website?  There is a lot of issues surrounding the entire Animal Control department that we have documented on this site as well as here,

Link also above in our pages bar.  So we believe the question to be very fair.

Incompetent applications are more than likely welcome based on the history of the department.  Abusive applications will likely be favored?  Click on the bottom right hand corner of each container to see the documents in an enlarged view.  Does anyone really want this job?
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