Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gloucester County Fiscal Management Needed?

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia;

Once again, I planned to return to the State Constitution today; however, reading several of Mr Thompson’s stories over the weekend and watching the Supervisors meeting Tuesday night I must deviate from my plan.

For all future meetings I recommend you get two minister to pray for you. Financial Stewardship appears to be totally unheard of by the Board of Supervisors. Let me count the ways.

  1. County employees use government vehicles for personal use in violation of state and local ordnance. What is being done besides buying more gas for them?
  2. You voted to give the School Board $5 million dollars for maintenance and repair after forming a committee to determine what repairs are needed and you determined a $4.5 million need. Who is responsible for the $.5 million? More trips to Hardees?
  3. County records show you have $7.5 million in CDs. This a general fund as you referred to it for all county money; a Gazette Journal story said there is $12 million from insurance for the school plus all the taxes just collected. There appears to be at least $4.5 million missing? I could be wrong the calculator on my computer may make mistakes.

I know shopping with other peoples money is fun for you otherwise you would not have found it so easy to vote to give the schools money that there is no stated requirement. In the Federal government gold plating requirements gets people sent to jail. Maybe this can be looked into while the State is investigating your activities?

I can see why you are willing to run all over people when the local paper refuses to investigate and report what is going on. As quoted from Mr. Thompson’s web site “We heard back from one person at the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal who informed us of the following, 'stopping by hardees is a de minimus errand'.  “ Based on this logic (this for example only I do not recommend nor condone stealing) I can get a copy of the Gazette Journal free it is of limited value and not worth getting bothered about right? How about everyone in the county doing the same every week? How long would you stay in business if we did this every week?

I have question for the Gazette Journal, I know I should go to Sunday School and Church every Sunday, I missed the week where they taught de minimus errand can you tell me what book, chapter and verse of the Bible this is from?

We need to hold the supervisors accountable for their actions and make sure the ones voted in this fall do not follow this irresponsible financial stewardship. Maybe you can get the supervisors to tell you why we are building a school in the swamp and in the same meeting talk about closing other schools.

With the Supervisors vote Tuesday we will get a new Monument to Stupidity built in the swamp.

I am not a lawyer, but have questions that are not being answered.
“For the Common Good. “

Sincerely, Alexander James Jay

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