Monday, July 29, 2013

Enraged Gloucester County Employee Chases Picture Taker In County Vehicle.

We received this photo from another person regarding vehicle number 63, B&G Maintenance, Gloucester County government driving a Gloucester County vehicle conducting personal business while driving a county vehicle wasting taxpayer money.  The person who sent us these pictures also told us an incredible story.

  The person who was driving this vehicle saw another person taking his picture and went after that person in this truck, chasing that person around the parking lot and almost ramming that person's private vehicle.  Was this because the county employee knew he was doing something wrong?  Was he told on Friday that he is not to use a government vehicle for personal use and did so anyway and was mad because he was caught?

  The other person who took this picture and witnessed that event said they immediately hid their camera as they did not want to be his next victim.  He was speeding around the parking lot in front of Tractor Supply to get the other person.

  This is just insane folks.  County employees are out of control and you can only blame those in charge as they are not in charge as they are supposed to be.  What do these folks have planned for an encore?

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