Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Report Waste, Fraud and Abuse - Gloucester Government Employees

Here is what Virginia code says about the events we have been reporting about on both Friday and yesterday, July 29th, 2013.  Gloucester County government employees look like they are in very clear violation of state code.  We are going to help out our local officials by sending them copies of this code along with information on the Virginia WFA hotline so that we no longer have to go through having our tax dollars wasted.

Seeing a county government vehicle at a fastfood restaurant is personal use of a government vehicle.  According to state code, from what we see, this is a very serious offense.

  It's your tax dollars being wasted by county government employees.

This shows that county government officials have no control over their employees as we have had numerous reports of these abuses all within a few short days.  These are the same officials that want more tax money and want a 17 million dollar bond to build a school that is not needed.  When we looked over how they are going about obtaining that bond, we have some very serious questions there as well.  Those questions are on this site.

Here is how to report waste, fraud and abuse by government employees.  If you see any issues, remember, they are wasting your tax dollars taking money out of your pocket and everyone elses.  Local county government employees can also report on other county employees and even their bosses.  Waste, Fraud and Abuse is a rampant problem which is why this department at the state level had to be created.  Allowing Gloucester County government employees to continue this abuse is not in anyone's best interest.

  Tell your officials they need to clean up their acts.  Let them know that they will not get one more dollar in new taxes until they can show they can handle their own employees.

  In another few days we will be letting you know what to expect from the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors in the upcoming public bond hearing meeting.  We know exactly what they are going to do and we will tell you what to expect.

  Keep sending us those pictures of Gloucester government employees abusing the system.  We will keep sending them to Gloucester officials to let them know that the citizens of the county are not happy about this.

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