Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Failure of the Gloucester County Leadership?

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia.

Once again, I planned to return to the State Constitution today; however, reading several of Mr Thompson’s stories over the weekend I must deviate from my plan.  I read with great sorrow the events Mr. Thompson reported; based on these event am even more convinced the Board of Supervisors should vote no on the school bond until many changes are made in the county.

The question that everyone needs to ask is why the employees were using the vehicles for personal use?  Was it learned from watching their bosses and other supervisors? Why have the management and supervisors allowed it to go on? No one in the county employment has ever seen them do this before and reported it?  Why did the employee in one truck chase a vehicle, did they know they were doing something wrong? Why did the other employee go to the Hardee's at the southern end of the county for a second meal rather than the one closer to the court house?

It appears county management has taught them by example.  Has this been going on for years?  It needs to stop.  The county wants to constantly raise our taxes; until they get their house in order no new taxes.

You are now asking what does it have to do with the school board and the new school? It goes back to what these people learned in school?  I have talked to a number of students over the years living in this county and what they are learning is disturbing. They are learning that they are owed by the generation before them; they do not have to work hard to earn for themselves.  Look at the condition of the county, commonwealth, and country, it shows.  They want top salary jobs and want to be the boss when they come out of school.  Do the students come out of school see their bosses go to Hardee’s in county vehicles and repeat what they see?

I have some other questions for the School Board and Board of Supervisors.  A video on Mr. Thompson’s website from the School Board shows TC Walker being made into a new office complex for county employees.  Is it for school use or county use?  Why is additional space needed are you in the process of growing the government larger?  Then why the new space?  The School Board should have offices in each of the schools so they have firsthand knowledge of what is being taught, what the teacher deal with on a daily basis, and how the students are being treated.  You do not need an ivory tower to isolate yourselves from the students, parents, and teacher.

Until the County shows leadership and can control its employees and the School Board show it is capable of teaching ALL students to be good citizens prepared to live in Gloucester County, Virginia, and the United States as productive adults they should not be given any additional money.

Tell the Board no new Monument to Stupidity; you do not support them going forward with the bond.  I am not a lawyer, but have questions that are not being answered.

 “For the Common Good. “


Alexander James Jay

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