Friday, August 2, 2013

In Praise of Ben Franklin - Special Bonus Today

Liberty's Kids episode number 30.  In Praise of Ben.  We are now three quarters of the way through the entire series of Liberty's Kids.  As stated before, even though the Liberty's Kids may come to an end, we are not stopping the Liberty Education Series at all.  We have way to much content to share.  Today we have a very special bonus.  Something that has rarely ever been seen.  An actual copy of Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper and this is a very special edition to boot.  This is the first issue Ben Franklin was in charge of editing.

Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette Newspaper" target="_blank">Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette Newspaper from Chuck Thompson

Click on the icon in the far right hand bottom to enlarge the PDF file for better reading.  Because of the type set of the period, it can be difficult to read.

Of course this would not be complete without Ben Franklin's autobiography.  So here it is once again.

Benjamin Franklin Autobiography from Chuck Thompson

Again, you can expand this by hitting the icon on the far right hand corner of the bottom of the container.  Much easier to read that way.  Free downloads are available on both of these e-books.  You can get them off of our SlideShare account.  You will need to sign in either with your Facebook account or LinkedIn account or sign up for a free account.
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