Thursday, August 1, 2013

American Life 161 Years Ago This Month of August

Harper's Monthly Magazine 1852 from Chuck Thompson

Ever wonder what people were thinking and reading about many years ago?  Say, 161 years ago this month?  We are bringing you just that.  News, views, opinions and fashions from 161 years ago this month with Harper's Monthly.  Over 270 pages with images from yesteryear.  A real glimpse back in time from our own little time machine.  You see, time travel is possible.  It happens in the imagination.  And to feed that imagination, take some time and read some of the stories in here.

  Free downloads are available on this e-book from our SlideShare site.  You have to log in with either your Facebook account or LinkedIn account or set up a new account to get one however.  Enjoy.
English: "Childhood's Happy Hour", from Harper's Monthly Magazine for August 1903 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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