Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gentlemen Seeking Their Fortunes Please Apply

In June, 1762, "gentleman seamen" were offered a chance to ship. "Post-Boy."
Now bound on a CRUIZE of Six Months, Againſt his Majeſty's Enemies, The Brigantine Tartar, A prime Sailer, mounting Fourteen Six Pounders, Twenty Co-horns, and will carry One Hundred and Twenty Men, Commanded by William Auguſtus Peck.
All Gentlemen SEAMEN and able bodied LANDMEN, who have a Mind to make their Fortunes, and are inclined to take a Cruize in ſaid Veſſel, by applying to the KING's-HEADTavern at the North-End may view the Articles, which are more advantageous to the Ship's Company than ever were before offered in this Place.
BoſtonJune 28, 1762.

This is re printed from an old Boston Newspaper and was an advertisement of the day.

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