Monday, July 29, 2013

Gloucester, VA To Get Illegal Middle School? Part 3

On Friday, we posted pictures sent to us via email of Gloucester County employees using county vehicles to conduct personal business.  Seen above are new pictures sent to us today of yet another Gloucester County employee from another department once again, doing the same thing.  This time it is vehicle number 600 from Parks and Recreation.  These photos have been sent to us by two separate individuals.  One person was obviously inside while another was outside.  We are told that this took place at about 7:05 AM this morning.  Monday, July 29th, 2013.

  So what does this have to do with Gloucester potentially getting an illegal middle school?  Well the answer is both nothing and yet at the same time, everything.

  It shows us that Gloucester County officials have no control over their own employees and the waste employees are causing the taxpayers of Gloucester.  If officials can not even control their own employees, how can they possibly be expected to control 17 million dollars in Bond money?  It shows that Gloucester officials have no problems wasting tax dollars with no regard to taxpayers.

  It shows no regard to state laws, codes or policy.  When we reported on Twitching Ted, (I'm not an attorney), Wilmot, Gloucester County attorney found shopping during the middle of the day during business hours, it's clear that the problem starts at the top and employees are only following the example.  When does it end?


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