Friday, August 2, 2013

Gloucester, VA To Get Illegal Middle School? What To Expect - Part 4

Part 4 in our series asking the question; is Gloucester, Virginia going to get a potentially illegal middle school?  

  As we understand it, it is not the state's job to monitor every little aspect of law and or code at the local level of every locality.  The state depends highly on the people to report potential waste, fraud and or abuse and then the state investigates if the argument has merit.  We believe that we have already shown merit to warrant a state investigation should the Board of Supervisors vote and approve the new bond as it presently stands.

  From what we see, Gloucester officials have created implied contracts so strong as to potentially warrant violations to state codes.

  The above is an internal link to part one of this story where we explore a number of the issues we see.  In our opinion and looking at all the facts, we believe that the Board of Supervisors will be pushing this plan through no matter what the citizens of the county say.  We expect a vote of at least 5 to 2 on approval if not a full swing across the board 7 out of 7 approval.

  Even if you show up and voice very strong concerns, what can you expect?  The board will thank you for your input when you are done speaking and tell you that they will take it under advisement.  (In other words, yeah yeah, who cares attitude).  They will be very polite about it, but it's their vote that will tell you the truth of the matter.  As we said, we expect them to vote it though no matter what.  We have shown through their own documents that they have every intention of moving forward with this.

  The only way to stop it would be to request state investigations after they approve the bond.  File a waste, fraud and abuse report.  We encourage Gloucester government employees who have more knowledge about the inside workings to file these claims as well.  (Don't worry, you will be protected under whistleblower laws).

WFA Hotline Policies Manual from Chuck Thompson

Here is the Hotline information.  It is available for download from our SlideShare site.  Click the bottom right hand corner icon to enlarge the PDF file for viewing.

The Blueprint in printable form for stopping this particular issue from going forward.  We all have to let the Board of Supervisors know what we think about how they are handling these plans and that they can each, be held personally liable and financially liable for making the wrong decisions.  It must be made clear that they had better make sure what they are doing will stand up against a state investigation.  We will be watching the Board of Supervisors on this.  Once the vote is in, if they approve the bond, we will start filing for a state investigation and suggest everyone else do so as well.

Now we are not attorney's and none of this is to be considered legal advice.  Only a competent attorney can legally advise you.  We are simply questioning everything we see, researching what we can and asking tough questions.  Please weigh your own actions appropriately.

The bond hearing meeting will be on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at the Gloucester County Courthouse in the historical courthouse circle.
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