Friday, July 26, 2013

Bonehead Awards - Gloucester County, Virginia - Choking Local Search Engine Results

Daily Press Headline:

NN plumber, Gloucester IT department, U Va. goof: this week's 'Roses and thorns'

The Gloucester County Information Technology Department, for receiving the 2013 "Digital Counties Survey" award from the Center for Digital Government and the National Association of Counties.Gloucester was one of the top 10 counties nationally for localities with less than 150,000 residents.

Gloucester gets a rose according to the Daily Press.  Apparently no one bothered to check issues such as what was showing up on the Gloucester County website?  

Violations of the Dillon rule on Gloucester Animal Control laws and ordinances as we showed numerous times on this site.  The Daily Press article does not state why Gloucester won the awards.,0,2561710.story  Link to Daily Press story.

Now if the awards were for design and use, then the Gloucester County, IT department does in fact deserve that award.  If content was also taken into consideration, then a Bonehead award must go to the one's issuing that award for not bothering to check all the facts.  We are not taking anything away from the IT department, they worked hard and do in fact produce a great product and can not be held responsible for the content itself,  They do not write the laws or the information.  They only ensure it can be found fairly easily.

But another issue we have is the flooding of the search engines with all of the pages.  We checked search for Gloucester, VA and it's pages upon pages of county government content.  They have flooded the search engines with their content.  We are looking at the possibility of filing complaints on this.

  We have looked at other search results for plenty of other areas and we could not find any other area that is flooded the way Gloucester, VA is.  Richmond, Virginia Beach, other large cities in Virginia and other large cities outside of Virginia were checked and these issues do not exist.

  Gloucester County Government is choking local businesses off from being found in local search results.  Again, it's Gloucester County tax dollars paying for this abuse.  Even businesses are paying to be choked by the county that depends on them for revenus.  Another Bonehead award goes to Gloucester County for this.

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