Sunday, July 21, 2013

Origin of Freedom of Religion - William Penn

Today we are beginning a new series.  A series that shows the history of liberty, freedom , free thought, and the free exchange of ideas.  It's a christian principle.
We have found this old movie above about William Penn and have ported it in to help give you a proper background.  Different people have different ways of learning.  With that, we are also posting one of our copies of William Penn e-books.

William Penn from Chuck Thompson

You can read it here online or download a copy from our SlideShare site.  If you go to download a copy from SlideShare, you have to sign in to SlideShare with either a LinkedIn account or FaceBook account to get a copy.  We are also offering free downloads here.  Free download link.  Just click free user.  Very fast download as it's less than half a meg in size.

What you won't find from us, bloated wild claims about history.  We give you the real facts straight from the history books and we give you the history books.  Opinions that seek to destroy knowledge is reserved for the other sites with writers to lazy to research the real truths and who have been poisoned by the propaganda of the day.

New Testament" target="_blank">The New Testament from Chuck Thompson

Free downloads of the New Testament are also available from us.  Same rules apply as above.  Free download link.

We also have the New Testament on our e-book page.  Always free copies.

America has been the battleground for freedom, liberty, free thought, and human rights for over 300 years and continues to be the world's battleground for such.  Especially from within these days.

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