Monday, July 22, 2013

Rebels and Redcoats - Anti American Propaganda Films

For anyone in the US that has viewed this garbage, we want to point out that this series of propaganda films, done by a so called British historian, is highly bloated opinions with no basis in facts to support his claims in many areas of the films and is seriously lacking in facts in other areas to create a very biased opinionated sentiment.  It's anti American.  It's a violation of American History and designed to sway the opinions of anyone who watches it against our founding fathers.

  This site has been dedicated to showing actual American History.  Look through our pages.  No bloated opinions.  Just the straight history and we try to present it in the most entertaining way to teach everyone what our nations history really is and why it's important.

  This is a four part series and we were looking forward to viewing the entire series.  We watched the first 20 minutes and were appalled.  It was evident within the first 5 minuets that it was nothing but a lot of bloated opinion based on some historical accounts but missing others.  We just could not stomach anything beyond that first 20 minutes of the first in a four part series.

  Richard Holmes was selected to narrate and walk everyone through this so called documentary, (propaganda piece).
Mr Holmes is a British Patriot.  Not an American Patriot.  We Americans should trust his views why?  Again, he failed to cover critical American facts instead bypassing them for short sighted opinions on American history.  It's British romantic fantasy based on some American historical facts but excluding other historical facts to create bloated opinions.

We believe in the right to free speech, but we also believe in the right of the people to know and understand the truth.  

Ready, aim, fire.  Striking back at the tyranny.  Take your propaganda back to Britain and keep it there.

Dont Tread on me!
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