Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gloucester County Board of Supervisors above the law?

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia

Again, I had planned to return to the State Constitution today; however, reading several of Mr Thompson’s stories over the weekend I must deviate from my plan.

The Gloucester Board of Supervisors continues to show a lack of leadership capability.

 1.  They have either directly allowed the Animal Control Ordnance they changed in February to be ignored allowing the previous ordnance to stay on the site or indirectly by the staff, County Administrator and County Attorney, to do what they want and not update the site to reflect the new ordnance.

2.  They have given a raise to these two employees who it appears are incapable of updating or overseeing the updating of a simple website in violation of county ordnance and state code.

3.  Have put out a request for bids on a school, monument to stupidity, which is not needed by the county.  If the school is needed so badly why did they allow an elementary school to be closed – lack of students perhaps? And a functional middle school that could have been repaired and used to be destroyed.  Fraud, waste, and abuse comes to mind.

Mr. Thompson has in an article today that it appears the Board of Supervisors are in violation of their oath of office.  Should the County Administrator and County Attorney be considered also in violation for the ordnance not being updated?  Insurance companies and the Federal Government will not cover any expenses of employees/persons that are in violation of the law nor do I believe is the case of the state.  These people should be held personally responsible for any actions they perform that are in violation of the law or damages that result from these violations.

The oversight to updating/changing of the animal control ordnance seems to be a deliberate act.  The Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal always reports public hearings and the results of these hearings especially if there is a change in the ordnance.  They have not reported a change to the county ordnance or that the county voted on the change and it was approved seven to zero.  Mr. Thompson has the open hearing and vote on his web site, because the same night some appearances of law infractions were also seen.  Why would the paper not report the ordnance change?  Because they knew the county had no intention of updating the ordnance?  These and other questions need to be answered.

The more I see of this board the more I am convinced that the citizens of the county should tell the Board at the open hearing for the school bond “WE ARE AGAINST TAKING ON ADDITIONAL DEBT by you and the school board until you can provide us with answers to why you need a new school and what it will be used for?  If we are closing an elementary school because of lack of students how does that justify the need for a new Middle school?  Because is not an answer, we want straight answers not babble.

I have a question – how do you put out a request for bid on the new school when you do not have the money approved?  Is it because you will approve the bond regardless of what people present to you at the hearing?

Our State Representative, Mr Hodges has not supported the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors in recent request they have made, specifically expanding the water/waste water operations.  Based on your actions he should continue to not support the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors.  This County deserves LEADERS like Mr. Hodges. 

After you tell the Board you do not support them going forward with the bond.  Tell the Gazette-Journal you will not support them if they do not report the news and cancel your subscription.  I am not a lawyer, but have questions that are not being answered.

 “For the Common Good. “

Alexander James Jay

PS:  You can send email directly to me at  Do not send anything you would not want to be viewed on this blog.  I will withhold your name when sending letters to Mr Thompson.  Also friend me on Facebook Alexander James Jay in Gloucester, VA.
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