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Governor Bob McDonnell Not Responsible For Protection of Virginia Citizenry?

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We recently sent complaints to Governor Bob McDonnell, Virginia State attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, and local Delegate Kieth Hodges about Gloucester County's failure to comply with it's own approved ordinances.  Specifically, 3-15 of the Gloucester Animal Control laws.  The heading on the law as it presently stands is in violation to what the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors voted on and approved for how it should read.

At present, the code reads as follows;  " Failure to perform duties of ownership; penalty.".  The Board of Supervisors voted on and approved the following as the proper header for that code, "Care of companion animals. penalty".    Gloucester County officials refuse to comply with their own laws.

Here is the response we just received from Governor Bob McDonnell's office.

Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Robert F. McDonnell.  Governor McDonnell is in receipt of your letter and he has asked me to respond on his behalf.

By your letter, it is clear that this matter is of the utmost importance to you.  However, it has been determined that your issue is a local matter in which Governor McDonnell does not have the authority to intervene.  It is recommended that you contact your local representative on either the Board of Supervisors or the City Council.  If you live in a city, you may also wish to contact the Office of the Mayor.  I am confident that a local representative will be able to appropriately address your concerns.

Thank you again for contacting the Office of the Governor.  Please do not hesitate to do so regarding future matters.


Kathy Hayden
Director of Community Relations
Office of Governor Robert F. McDonnell

Your kidding right?  You can not respond to the email they sent.  It's blocked.  It's the local Gloucester County Board of supervisors that are not in compliance.  They have been notified and have refused to address the issue.

Now someone please correct us if we are wrong, but isn't it the state's duty to protect the citizens of each state? This is what we call passing the buck and is nothing more than a bureaucratic trick.  

Now we really can not blame the governor for this answer as he did not answer it.  An aid did and with the wrong answer at that.  It shows she did not read the complaint.  THE BOARD OF SUPERVISOR'S ARE THE ISSUE!

One bronze star out of 10 golden stars for Kathy Hayden.  So we are continuing to look for the answer on this issue from Governor McDonnell.
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