Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Shadow - Old Time Radio Shows

Old time radio shows can be great fun.  They take the mind to a different realm creating images in the mind without sight.  It's a great way to once again learn how to listen.  Old fashion entertainment before TV.  Everyone used to gather around the radio to hear the latest stories.  Radio programming worked the same way as TV programming presently works with new shows released on certain days at certain times.  Where do you think TV got it's origins?

  The Shadow.  One of the most popular old time radio series ever.  Even more so after radio shows ended.  The Shadow also was popular in comics, movies and pulp fiction story magazines of the past.  Enjoy these episodes.  Old time radio, every Sunday right here on GVLN.

Orson Welles as The Shadow. A predecessor in t...
Orson Welles as The Shadow. A predecessor in the role delivered the show's intro, with its famous catchphrase, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows ...." According to historian Frank Brady, Welles's "voice as the 'invisible' Shadow was perfect." The intro, however, also called for a sinister chuckle; Welles's effort "seemed more an adolescent giggle than a terrifying threat." Brady (1989), p. 78. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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