Monday, July 22, 2013

The LSD Story - Dragnet, Classic TV Episodes

Dragnet with a bit more of a controversial issue of the period, the LSD story.  (Liquid Soap Dispenser).   An interesting perspective of the times.  Because Dragnet episodes are in the public domain these days, we are offering free downloads on this episode.

Link to free download.  The file is an FLV file also known as Flash Video so you will need a flash video player.  So we recommend VLC media player for playing this file.  Real Player will also play this file as well as the Opera browser.  There are other free flash video players out there and you are welcome to use whatever suits you.  There are also free file converting programs out there if you want to convert the file format to something else such as MP4.  Quick Media Converter is one of our favorites and is free.

Dragnet (series)
Dragnet (series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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