Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Escalloped Salmon - Recipe of the day

 (Two portions)
2/3 C-flaked salmon
1 T-butter
1 T-flour
2/3 C-milk
½ t-salt
¼ t-paprika
1 hard-cooked egg
1 t-lemon juice
3 T-chopped sour pickle
½ t-minced parsley
4 T-cracker crumbs
1 T-butter
Melt the butter, add the flour and mix well. Add the milk and cook one minute. Add the salmon, salt, paprika, egg diced, lemon juice, pickle and parsley. Mix thoroughly with a silver fork, being careful not to let the mixture get pasty. Pour into a well-buttered baking dish, melt the butter and add the crumbs. Place buttered crumbs on the top. Bake twenty-five minutes in a moderate oven.

Make something extraordinary tonight.
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