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Anna's Pizza (Saluda) Health Inspection Status

Pizza Toscana in box
Pizza Toscana in box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Second in our series of public information reports.  We are only making the information on local restaurants more accessible to everyone.  The information is already public but few people are even aware of this.  We adopted this reporting from other areas in Virginia that report each inspection of businesses in their local newspapers.  Since it is not presently done in this area, we decided to pick up the trend.

Anna's Pizza(Saluda)

Facility Location:
14911 Geo Wash Mem Hwy
Facility Information:
Facility Type:  Fast Food Restaurant
Phone Number:  (804) 758-1112
# of Critical Violations on Last Inspection:  2
# of Non-Critical Violations on Last Inspection:  1
Definition of critical and non critical violations
Facility Inspection History:
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Inspection Type  Inspection Date  Violations
Routine Inspection  24-Apr-2013  2 critical
Routine Inspection  24-Apr-2013  2 critical
Routine Inspection  10-Dec-2012  1 critical
Routine Inspection  19-Jun-2012  2 critical
Routine Inspection  16-Apr-2012  0 critical
Routine Inspection  6-Apr-2012  0 critical
Routine Inspection  25-Oct-2011  0 critical

Facility Type:Fast Food Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:April 24, 2013
Number of critical violations:2
Number of non-critical violations:  1


A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code  Observation / Corrective Action
0820 A 2  Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat Food in reah in on back wall cold holding at improper temperatures
Relocate food to a refrigeration unit that is capable of maintaining food storage at 41°F or below.
0830  Corrected During Inspection Critical The prepared ready-to-eat (RTE) meatballs, sausage, meat sauces, cheese, and cooked vegetables in the refrigeration unit is not properly dated for disposition.
Mark the name and "consume by" date on the container of RTE foods at the time of preparation if the food is to be held for more than 24 hours. If the food is held at 41°F or below the food shall be served or sold within 7 calendar days. Some harmful bacteria continue to grow even at refrigeration temperatures so limiting the amount of time in storage limits the amount of growth allowed for these bacteria.
2930  The front door of the food establishment is not protected along the floor against entry of insects and rodents.
Protect the food establishment against the entry of insects and rodents by 1. Filling or closing holes and other gaps along floors, walls, and ceilings, 2. Closed, tight fitting windows, and 3. Solid, self-closing, tight-fitting doors. Insects and rodents are vectors of disease-causing microorganisms which may be transmitted to humans by contamination of food and food-contact surfaces.



Finished Copy:

Our overall position: As long as you like the food, the service, the people and or the atmosphere, there is no reason to stop going there. We are just reporting the public information on these businesses.
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