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Field Days From The Past - Press Update And Directions

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English: "Residence, cabin, on James River, Tuckahoe Plantation, Goochland County, Virginia," black and white photograph, by the American photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you have picked up one of the free papers distributed throughout Gloucester, VA and are interested in attending the Field Days From The Past, you are asking yourself, where the heck is it?  The only thing the paper, in it's 44 pages ever manages to tell you is that it is 14 miles west of Richmond, VA

 That is a huge territory.  An oversight of the people putting together all the information, it was easy to look over when you look at the tremendous scope of the event.

  Not to fret, we looked up all the information and have it here for you.

The following is directly off of their site.

 DIRECTIONS:  The Field Day of the Past show grounds are located at the intersection of Rt. 623 (Ashland Rd.) and Rt. 622 in Goochland County, off I-64, Exit #173 (Rockville-Manakin) south. Grounds are located 1/8 mile from the interstate. Follow the signs. From the south take I-95 N to I-64 west and take Exit #173. From the north take I-95 S to I-295. Merge onto I-64W to Exit #173. From the west, take I-81 to I-64 E and take Exit #173. From those south of the James River, take Rt. 288 N to Broad Street Road West exit (Rt. 250) and go approximately one mile to stoplight at Rt. 623 (Ashland Rd.). Turn right and follow signs.

ADMISSION $10 per person/per day for adults on Friday; $15 on Saturday and $10 on Sunday. Children under the age of 13 are admitted free of charge. The admission charge does not include carnival rides, pony rides or anything you wish to purchase at the show. This year Senior Citizen passes are available all three days. All those 62 years or older will be admitted for $8.Two-Day passes are available at the gates for $20. Three-Day passes are available at the gates for $23. Block tickets can be obtained prior to the event for $75 for ten tickets. Call 804-741-8468 for details. Tickets can be purchased in advance by following the link on this site.

PARKING: Parking is available in the lot located on Rt. 622 across from the main Pedestrian Gate. Additional parking will be available on SATURDAY ONLY on Rt. 250 (Broad Street). Message boards will direct traffic to the parking lots. Parking is free.

FOOD:  Food is available on the grounds from more than a dozen food vendors.

NOTE FOR VISITORS: Pets are allowed on the grounds ONLY ON LEASES. Pets must have all current shots and owners must clean up after them. If these rules are not adhered to, we must ask you to leave your pet at home. Be aware that there are large crowds on the showgrounds during show days. If you pet does not like to be in crowds, please leave them at home.  (We believe they meant to say leashes)

map.jpg  Link to the site for more information on the event itself.

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