Monday, September 16, 2013

Terry McAuliffe Ad: Twisting Facts Retwisted

Because we have to put up with all the crap these two are throwing at each other, we are throwing it back at them everyday.

Now let's see if we have this straight.  Terry said that Ken believes in the Bible and is pro family making Terry anti family?  Ken showed Terry telling us that coal is evil.  If we want electricity in the future maybe we should rub two sticks together?  Brilliant.  Or maybe Terry thinks we should just import our electricity from China?  Now if Ken lied about Terry's involvement with that one company, maybe Terry should sue Ken for liable?  Ya think?  So why isn't he?  Is it that maybe the dates in question for the stock owned were at a time when Terry owned very little after selling off a huge amount?

  Too many issues not being answered.  Let's wag the dog.

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