Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gloucester, VA Government Employees Happy Meal, Literally

This is a picture from behind McDonald's up at the courthouse area in Gloucester, Virginia on Monday morning, 8:20 AM September 16th, 2013.

This is a picture of yet another Gloucester, County Government vehicle parked at McDonald's at 8:20 AM Monday morning.  Numerous occupants inside having breakfast, most likely on the payroll clock, at your expense, using a county vehicle for personal use yet again.  Well maybe this picture is a little hard to tell that the white truck is actually a county vehicle.

This is a closeup of that vehicle.  Public Utilities truck number 20.  Guess they were inside having happy meals?  Was this the only vehicle seen at McDonald's or anywhere else today?  Heck no.  I saw two other county vehicles come out of McDonald's before I took out the camera today.  I saw another county vehicle at 7-11 before taking out the camera today.  I saw a brand new Van, unmarked, State government tags, full size, silver, at Dollar General today at about 10:000 AM.  The occupant, a female, was shopping  on payroll time.

Over the past several months, I have been posting pictures and information sent to one of our email accounts about this kind of abuse going on in the county.  I wanted to see it myself.  Sure enough, it is everywhere.  Nothing has been done to stop this despite the fact we have shown county and state codes that forbid this kind of abuse.

  All that is left at this point is to file and request an investigation into the county for waste, fraud and abuse.  The person ultimately responsible should be fired for cause.  I am going to file for those investigations to take place as soon as possible.  I will testify myself to what I have seen and all the evidence I have collected.  This is your tax dollars being wasted by a county who keeps playing shell games to raise your taxes even further, writes ordinances to abuse county residents in our opinion, and can not follow their own ordinances or state codes but still want you to and will prosecute you at the drop of a hat.

  Exactly how is this fair?   County officials continue to show they are criminals with no regard for the law.  (We are using their own terms against them as this is what they have told numerous people whom they have filed charges, using county ordinances, against area residents that were not in accordance with state code and managed to get full prosecutions against them).  A rigged court system, again in our opinion.

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