Thursday, September 19, 2013

Make Mine Freedom - Video Cartoon

Make Mine Freedom.  A video that still holds a lot for every American even today.

If you are wondering where the usual Classic TV programs are, we have decided to discontinue them.  In a recent meeting with CBS, their legal staff discussed problems they are having with copyright infringement.  The extra legal staff and extra people needed to surf the entire Internet looking for copyright violations is costing them a fortune.  Even though we have been embedding content and not uploading the content and hosting it, we realized during that meeting that we were facilitating further copyright infringement issues.  It's not our objective to infringe or even cause the infringement of copyright content on this site.

  So that it is very clear, embedding infringing YouTube videos is not against any laws.  It's just not smart business to promote such activity.

  We will continue to port in videos, however, we are going to try our best to ensure that the videos are not infringing on the rights of others.  We will look for public domain content the most.  Other areas will be custom channels of interest.  If we find one we particularly like, we will create a regular feature of it on here.

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