Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Virginia Company of London, 1606 to 1624

The Virginia Company of London 1606-1624 from Chuck Thompson

To understand American History, it helps to know the history behind American history and here it is.  The Virginia Company of London, 1606 to 1624.  American history is a melting pot of European history and these days a melting pot of world history.  The primary history of America is in it's original 13 colonies.  The Virginia company having started all of that on a grand scale.  Virginia was once from North Carolina to Maine on today's maps.   Florida on up was in the control of Spain at the time.  Spain was in America first, however, British history has taken the center stage throughout the years since it was the British that we fought and won our independence from.

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The seal of the Virginia Company of London
The seal of the Virginia Company of London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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