Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Terry McAuliffe Lying To Everyone?

Well throughout most of the video, you can tell that Mr Cuccinelli is reading a teleprompter.  It is also disturbing that if he donated 18 thousand dollars to a local charity because of the issues surrounding him over the Star Scientific Gifts, then he is probably guilty of that claim.  Not good.  On the other hand, the fact that he is trying to make up for a misdeed, shows character at least.

Here is a question though.  If you take something out of Wal Mart and do not pay for it and get caught, can you go back into Wal Mart and pay for it afterward and not go to jail or have any charges put against you?  Why should politicians get a pass?  Disturbing.

Now let's go to Terry McAuliffe.  

Here is one of Terry's recent emails to people.

"I wrote you earlier this week that national Republicans and Tea Party groups are flooding Ken Cuccinelli's campaign with donations. (The Republican Governors Association has given nearly $6 million!)

But here's what I didn't know on Monday:

My opponent and his right-wing allies are putting that money right to work. Last week, the Republicans spent nearly 50% more than we did on television ads.

If they continue to outspend us on TV, they'll drown out our message, and we could fall seriously behind.

We're just $22,564 short of funding our Rapid Response Fund by ourmidnight deadline tonight. Please donate $5 right now to make sure we hit our goal before we submit our next fundraising report.

I know you're seeing a lot of TV ads these days. My family's getting pretty tired of them, too.

But TV ads are one of the most critical tools we have to reach undecided voters as they're starting to make up their minds about who they'd like to entrust with the leadership of our Commonwealth.

And recently, each one of our ads — explaining my vision for Virginia's future or drawing a contrast with my opponent's record — was being outmatched by ads paid for by extreme Republican donors like the Koch Brothers.

At midnight tonight, my campaign faces a critical deadline, after which we have to file a public fundraising report.

And tomorrow, I'm meeting with my campaign staff to make final decisions about where we spend our funds in the final weeks.

I need your $5 donation to help us fully fund our Rapid Response Fund before midnight. We can close the potentially devastating imbalance of TV ads with your help.

I'm counting on you,

- Terry

Now Here Is The Real Story:

According to the news yesterday, Tuesday, September 17th, 2013, Terry McAuliffe has over 5 million dollars in his campaign fund. Cuccinelli?  About 2.5 million.  That means that Terry has more than twice what Ken has and here is Terry crying for money and complaining that Ken is getting huge sums of cash.  

I have issues watching Ken Cuccinelli's campaign.  I will not put up with Terry McAuliffe and these outrageous and false claims.  Do we need a governor who will lie to us?  If he is blatantly lying to the people now, what will he do as governor?  No thanks Terry.  Go somewhere else. 

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